This document is a work in progress.


  • Calflora is a superb online database of the native and non-native naturalized plants of California, including distribution info, photo links, and more. Be sure to select “Santa Cruz” in the rightmost column, when you wish to restrict your queries to our area.
  • Santa Cruz County Plant List Book: The Annotated Checklist of the Vascular Plants of Santa Cruz County is just what it sounds like, spiral-bound and organized by family, distinguishing native from introduced species, with other useful notes. It is very helpful in the field for those with a little botanical knowledge, and is published and available for purchase from our local chapter of the California Native Plant Society.
  • Reptiles and Amphibians

  • California Herps is a comprehensive photo guide to the reptiles and amphibians (herps) of California, with range and habitat information.


  • eBird
  • Bugs and Terrestrial Invertebrates

  • Bugguide is easily the most comprehensive photo guide to the arthropod (insects, arachnids, myriapods) taxa of North America. It is somewhat cumbersome to navigate, but worth the effort to learn.
  • Checklist of Monterey Odonota This excellent guide to the dragonfly and damselfly species of Monterey County has much utility for our area as well.


  • California Naturalist Program
  • California Native Plant Society, Santa Cruz Chapter
  • Santa Cruz Bird Club
  • UC Santa Cruz Arboretum
  • Site-based

  • Friends of Corcoran Lagoon Beach: “Friends of Corcoran Lagoon Beach (FoCLB) assists Santa Cruz County Parks in meeting its mission to provide a safe, well-designed and maintained County beach access and assists County Planning and County Parks in meeting management obligations for wildlife habitat protection known as Corcoran Lagoon Beach.”
  • Ventana Wildlife Society works to conserve native wildlife on the central coast, particularly working to restore bald eagle and California condor populations.